Frequently asked questions

How do I request an appointment with a Business Advisor?

To schedule an appointment with a business advisor, please click on Request an Appointment at the top of this website. Once submitted, our center will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Can appointments with a business advisor be held remotely?

Yes, appointments with a business advisor can be over the phone, or by a video call.

What should I prepare for the first appointment?

To optimize your time with a business advisor, we suggest that clients come in with specific questions and/or topics of interest to help drive the initial discussion. Further, clients should be prepared to speak about their proposed/existing products and services, and to bring in a sample if relevant to provide insight into their business venture.

Do I have to be in business to meet with an advisor?

Not necessarily, though you should have a specific business venture in mind and/or entrepreneurial experience, ideally in an industry where you have prior knowledge and/or contacts.

Does the SBDC lend funds?

No the SBDC does not provide financing. However, SBDC Business Advisors do help small businesses understand their financing options to start or expand an existing business, and can help assemble financial projections and other components of a loan package.

Will the SBDC write my business plan for me?

No, the SBDC will not write your business plan for you. However, we provide the guidance and structure needed to formulate your business plan and strategy, and can offer feedback to help make it a valuable tool to manage your business.

How does the SBDC differ from the SBA and SCORE?

The University at Albany SBDC provides in-depth and confidential one-on-one business advisement, training and research to help small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs launch or grow their business, all at no cost to our clients. Our center is one of over 1,000 SBDCs nationwide, and is staffed by certified full-time business advisors. The SBDC network serves as a resource partner of the SBA to counsel, mentor and train small businesses. SCORE is an alternate SBA resource provider that is comprised of volunteer business counselors. You are welcome to work with an SBA business advisor as well as a SCORE counselor.
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